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12 December 2023
RoboScope presentation
December 15 in the conference hall of the Institute of Public Health named after. F.F. Erisman will host a presentation of a hardware and software complex for digital microscopy, which will allow digitizing histological preparations and transferring the obtained data to remote servers for analysis and comparison. The complex is equipped with high-quality optical lenses and matrices, which allow obtaining high-resolution images, and also has several operating modes. The main advantages of t
4 December 2023
RoboScope at Russian Healthcare Week 2023
The RoboScope team presents its developments at the joint stand of the Skolkovo Foundation at Russian Healthcare Week 2023. The exhibition will last a week from December 4 to 8. We invite everyone to visit our stand 21F10, located in pavilion 2, hall no. 1.
10 October 2023
Russian Diagnostic Summit 2023
The RoboScope team presented a report at the annual Russian Diagnostic Summit, the main event dedicated to laboratory medicine. We shared with our colleagues our development experience and further plans for the development of the project.
18 September 2023
RoboScope pilot started at DCLI
At the beginning of September, the pilot of the robotic scanner for digital microscopy RoboScope started on the basis of the State Budgetary Institution "DCLI DZM". During the testing period, colleagues from the Laboratory Research Center will scan several hundred liquid-based cytology samples and help identify all the shortcomings of both the scanning process and the user interface. The main criteria evaluated will be scanning accuracy (percentage of errors) and the quality of the resulting
8 June 2023
RoboScope at the Startup Village 2023
13 April 2023
RoboScope at Moscow State Technical University N. E. Bauman
Without networking now nowhere! New acquaintances, collaborations and collaborations are important components of the successful development of any modern project. Our new acquaintance is the team of the Engineering Center for Automation and Robotics of the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman. At the moment, colleagues are actively engaged in the development of medical devices, including devices for digital microscopy. It was very informative for us to visit the development and prototypi
31 March 2023
RoboScope & DCLI
The RoboScope team, as part of a discussion of possible cooperation, visited the DCLI laboratory complex. Colleagues gave us an extensive tour of the laboratories involved in microscopic research, during which we managed to fruitfully discuss the options for using robotics in modern microscopic research, share our experience and get valuable information from the end users of our products. DCLI employees use the most modern equipment in the course of their work, thanks to their experience w
8 December 2022
RoboScope at the VII Telemedforum
The RoboScope team presented several important updates at the Telemedforum! After conducting market research and talking to the end users of our product, we decided to add a new usage mode for our APK. Now you can control the scanner completely remotely (from the keyboard and mouse) - you can instantly move across the entire surface of the glass, change lenses, and focus in automatic and manual modes. A pathologist or cytologist examines the drug on one monitor, and can form a conclusion (pro
26 September 2022
Digital transformation of the pathology service: a bridge between the clinician and the pathologist
How to reduce the disunity of clinicians and pathologists, relieve specialists from routine work, and improve the quality of medical care? The participants of the session “Digital transformation of the pathoanatomical service: a bridge between a clinician and a pathologist”, which took place within the framework of the VIII Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine (RCLM) and the Russian Diagnostic Summit (RDS), were looking for answers to these questions. The forums took place on September 6-8 in
15 September 2022
Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine 2022
Within the framework of the Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine, our team presented a prototype of the APC at the stand of Delrus Group of Companies. All three days of the event turned out to be very productive for us, we received a lot of interesting criticism and got acquainted with the best solutions on the market. There is still a lot of work ahead, but we are on the right track!
5 September 2022
DemoDay MedLab
The RoboScope team has successfully completed the MedLab acceleration track. The graduation ceremony was held in the face-to-face format of pitch sessions and communication with investors and market participants. We thank the entire MedLab team and the Skolkovo Foundation for new opportunities, interesting contacts and advice. The acceleration resulted in two pilot implementations of our agro-industrial complex, which we will announce a little later.
13 July 2022
Fontanka about modern technologies in medicine
Digitized tumor Rapid and accurate diagnosis is a key element of treatment, especially in oncological diseases. In Russia, it is impossible to make a diagnosis of cancer without the opinion of a pathologist, the shortage of which is especially acute in the regions. "Glasses" with histology are sent to specialized specialists by mail. The time of diagnosis increases and there is a risk of damage to biological material. The Roboscope team is developing a hardware and software system for histo
18 June 2022
RoboScope took part in SPIEF 2022
The RoboScope team took part in SPIEF 2022 This year, several medical startups within the framework of the Skolkovo Foundation were presented at the Healthy Life stand. We did not miss the opportunity and came with our prototype to St. Petersburg. Scanning histological preparations aroused genuine interest among many forum guests, and we were happy to immerse everyone interested in the topic of digital pathomorphology. I managed to communicate with colleagues from TsNIIOIZ and Roszdravnadzor,
30 May 2022
RoboScope took part in StartUp Village 2022
The RoboScope team took part in the largest annual startup exhibition at the Skolkovo site. In two days, 9,552 people became visitors to the anniversary technology conference Startup Village 2022. 300 speakers from 20 countries discussed the challenges of the time in 80 sessions. Russian technological solutions were presented by more than 150 startups from all over the country. The role of innovation in everyday life was the focus of the event. We found a lot of new interesting acquaintanc
27 May 2022
Startup RoboScope automates pathomorphological examinations in Russia
In order to confirm the presence of a tumor in a person, classify it and select the optimal treatment, it is necessary to conduct a pathomorphological study. More than 7 million such analyzes are performed annually in Russia, most of them using the most common analog microscope. Startup RoboScope intends to change this, thereby increasing the speed, accuracy and quality of research. The editors of INNOVATIONS talked to the CEO of the project, Ilya Efremov. — How was the idea of ​​creating Rob
28 April 2022
RoboScope - MedLab Acceleration Track Winner
The Skolkovo Foundation has announced the winners of the MedLAB Innovation Laboratory acceleration program for startups working in the field of Digital Health. Partner clinics of Sechenov University, the International Medical Cluster, JSC Medicina, K+31, Ilyinskaya Hospital, and Mammological Center L7 will serve as platforms for pilot implementation of the best solutions. The competition was organized with the support of PJSC Rostelecom, Delrus, Avivir, Doctis and IPHARMA. More than 120 ap
25 April 2022
There is contact: interdisciplinary teams of doctors lack the tools for communication
In modern medicine, an interdisciplinary approach is of particular importance. The management of many patients requires the simultaneous participation of specialists from different profiles. At the same time, doctors are in dire need of digital tools for effective communication — often they are forced to meet in person or talk on the phone. This was discussed during a recent conference of the “White spots and gray areas of urology” on the Uro.TV channel.  The
15 March 2022
Can telemedicine be cost effective?
When the active introduction of telemedicine services began in Russia a few years ago, many experts believed that this would increase the availability of medical care, and most importantly, make it cheaper. And how does it work in practice? Igor Shaderkin, Ph.D., head of the laboratory of e-health at the Institute of Digital Medicine of the First Moscow State Medical University named after Sechenov of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Sechenov University), talks about this  . Two years
11 March 2022
RoboScope: offload the pathologist and improve the quality of his work
During the year, more than 7 million pathomorphological studies are performed in Russia. And this figure is on the rise. At the same time, a significant part of the equipment fleet is not digital. All this increases the burden on doctors, which does not have the best effect on the final quality. The RoboScope hardware and software complex helps to systematically solve the main problems of the pathomorphological service. How exactly? Ilya Efremov , CEO of the project, told about thi
20 December 2021
RoboScope team at the V Telemedforum
The RoboScope team took part in the largest healthcare digitalization forum - V Telemedforum. Telemedforum — a communication platform that brings together the leading players in the healthcare digitalization market: doctors, heads of medical institutions, lawyers, developers of IT products for the healthcare sector, information security specialists, innovative companies and startups in the field of telemedicine, government officials, medical marketing and advertising specialists. The booth
18 December 2021
Robotics in medicine
Robotics in domestic healthcare is poorly represented. At the same time, there are many bottlenecks in the industry where the use of the simplest robots could bring positive changes. This was discussed during the round table "Robotics in Medicine", which was held on the portal on December 13. What is considered a robot Igor Shaderkin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Digital Medicine of the First Moscow State Medical University. THEM. S
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