RoboScope at the VII Telemedforum
The RoboScope team presented several important updates at the Telemedforum! After conducting market research and talking to the end users of our product, we decided to add a new usage mode for our APK. Now you can control the scanner completely remotely (from the keyboard and mouse) - you can instantly move across the entire surface of the glass, change lenses, and focus in automatic and manual modes. A pathologist or cytologist examines the drug on one monitor, and can form a conclusion (protocol) on the other. Such an approach makes it possible to make working with a microscope comfortable for the doctor (there is no need to look into the microscope lens in an uncomfortable position), while sitting in a working chair, the doctor controls the entire microscopy process from a computer, sees a large picture on a high-resolution monitor, without delaying the picture, notes (saves ) with one movement the area he needs, which he can add to the research protocol, which he conducts on another computer monitor. The microscope can be located at any distance from the doctor: from 1 meter to a thousand kilometers. The second update is dedicated to increasing the capacity of the complex. We have designed and produced a prototype 200 glass feeding system for our agro-industrial complex. Now for tasks that require streaming research or digitization, there is our solution. Finally, we have updated the user interface. It has become more intuitive and user friendly.
Microscopy at the
digital level.
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